Tuesday, February 20, 2018

MyGameTURF.com is a community driven site offering gamer's a place to be gamer's and share what they do, their gaming ideas, meet other gamer's while helping to build a top quality site that is "community driven" and feature rich. Using polls, surveys, and feedback from the gamers that take part, we will grow the community together.

Our Mission

Build community teams to moderate and contribute to the direction the community goes while providing quality tools and services.

What We Offer

We have already added many free features to get our members started. Some of them are listed here:

  • A Free Gaming Wall for your to post comments and achievements, links, pics, etc/
  • Others can leave comments and like your post.
  • You can make and receive player connections to follow your friends.
  • Add pics, videos, links, docs, and profile avatars allowing your to store things to your profile.
  • Make social gaming connections to keep in contact with other gamer's.
  • Create and manage Game Blogs & Post (with comments) from your management area. 
  • View and add gaming events or community events to the community calendar.
  • Game forums to post and help others. Forums will be added as request by the community. 
  • Live personal and group chat for you to talk to friends and teams, squads, alliances, etc.
  • Earn points and ranks in the community to build your persona in the community
  • Questions and Answers also offering points for helping others with gaming questions. 
  • Online Gaming News from leading game vendors and manufacturers.
  • Free online flash and html5 games that can be played on your laptop, PC and some mobile devices.
  • Contribute to a community built gaming directory of all our favorite games.
  • Many more features, to many to list here, and continually adding more!

Join us here and help us grow this gaming community.
We welcome ALL gamers and hope to see you soon around the community!

My Games! My TURF!





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