Tuesday, February 20, 2018
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Error when subscribing to Blogs

When subscribing and unsubscribing to a "Blog" I and receiving the following error.  It appears to be subscribing and unsubscribing but I receive a white page with the error above on a "blank white page".

{"status":0,"message":"Error subscribing to blog!","error":"Subscription already exists!"}

Seems to be working to subscribe but it goes to a blank page. 

SIXO8XX54H Swampman 2017-05-06 MGT Blog Issues Closed Blogs Or Post Low

The existing Blog system was being upgraded and is now using a system more compatible with the community. The system now post blogs into the actual CMS and does not use a 3rd party software which should cut down issues as well as make future upgrades more seamless.

No Private Forum For Invite Groups

When creating an Invite group, there is no private group forum showing for members of the groups. Clicking forums from within the group goes to the forums index and the private forum is not showing in the list of forums to choose.

S14MCQ6NPA TrashiestLoki 2017-05-21 MGT Forum Issues Closed Forums Low

An update reset some forum permissions for groups. The problem has been resolved.

Cant type in group chat

The chat seems to be broken and group chat is positioned wrong   Please fix it!

STWWF3MWIX NGP/Playa 2017-05-28 MGT Chat Issues In-Progress MGT Chat Low
Some Games Show Wrong Language

Some of the games in the MGT Arcade are showing in a different language making descriptions and instructions unreadable. 

A3H1U8T4SI Swampman 2017-06-22 Unspecified Project Open Blogs Or Post Low